Centro-matic: Redo The Stacks (Steve 1996)
Centro-matic: Navigational (Idol 1999)
Centro-matic: The Static vs. The Strings Vol. 1 (Idol/Quality Park 1999)
Centro-matic: All The Falsest Hearts Can Try (Idol/Quality Park/Munich 1999)
Centro-matic: South San Gabriel Songs/Music (Idol/Munich 2000)
Centro-matic: Distance and Clime (Idol/Munich 2001)
Will Johnson: Murder Of Tides (Undertow 2002)
South San Gabriel: Welcome, Convalescence (Undertow/Munich 2003)
Centro-matic: Love You Just The Same (Misra/Munich 2003)
Will Johnson: Vultures Await (Misra/Munich 2004)
Will Johnson: Survey/Voyage (Misra 2005)
South San Gabriel: The Carlton Chronicles – Not Until The Operation’s Through (Misra/Munich/Houston Party 2005)
Centro-matic: Fort Recovery (Misra/Cooking Vinyl/Houston Party 2006)
Centro-matic/South San Gabriel: Dual Hawks 2 CD/LP (Misra/Cooking Vinyl/Houston Party 2008)
Will Johnson/Jason Molina: Molina and Johnson (Secretly Canadian 2009)
Centro-matic: Candidate Waltz (Undertow 2011)
New Multitudes (Rounder 2012), with Jay Farrar, Anders Parker, and Yim Yames
Will Johnson: Scorpions (Undertow Sept 2012)

Centro-matic: Most Everyone Will Find (Munich 2000)
Centro-matic: Opportunity Split EP with Vermont (Quality Park 2001)
Centro-matic: Flashes and Cables EP (Misra 2004)
South San Gabriel: I Am Six Pounds Of Dynamite (Munich 2005)
Will Johnson: CDEP (Sixgunlover 2005)
Centro-matic: Triggers and Trash Heaps EP (Misra 2006)
Centro-matic: Operation Motorcide (Houston Party 2007)
Centro-matic/South San Gabriel: Eyas (Undertow 2009)

7″ Records
Centro-matic: Transistor EP (Automatic 1996)
Centro-matic: Forget The Sixth Step (Steve 1996)
Centro-matic: Tympanum (Transcontinental Recording Company)
Centro-matic: Split w/ Tripping Daisy (Good 1999)
South San Gabriel: Split w/ Okkervil River (Tight Spot 2002)
Will Johnson: Split w/ The pAperchAse (Idol 2004)
Will Johnson: Blackest Sparrow/Darkest Night 8″ Lathe (People In a Position To Know 2007)

Centro-matic: Non-Directional Jetpack Race (1995)
Centro-matic: Line Connection Aim (1997)

Will Johnson: Greater Southbridge (2003)
Centro-matic: “Fall To Grace” (Green Room Pictures 2005)
Will Johnson: Score for “Hill Country” Documentary (University of Texas 2007)
South San Gabriel: “Troubadours” (Downstate Productions 2007)
South San Gabriel: “Salt Creek County” (Downstate Productions 2008)

Compilation Appearances
Centro-matic: Dallas Observer Scene/Heard (1995)
Centro-matic: Band-Kits (Quality Park 2000)
Centro-matic: Oorgasm #4 (Oor Magazine Holland 2000)
Centro-matic: Awesome (Munich 2000)
Centro-matic: Electric Ornaments (Idol 2000)
Centro-matic: Esto No Es Un Cactus (Sinedin 2001)
Centro-matic: New Voices (Rolling Stone Germany 2001)
Centro-matic: Oorgasm #7 (Oor Magazine Holland 2001)
Centro-matic: Best of Americana (Uncut Magazine 2002)
Centro-matic: Just For Fun (Loretta Records 2002)
Centro-matic: Vital Idol – Idol Records Sampler (Idol 2003)
Centro-matic: De Avonden Christmas 2003 (VPRO Holland)
South San Gabriel: All Areas 41 (Visions Magazine)
Will Johnson: Lost Notes From Forgotten Songs (Suicide Squeeze 2003)
Centro-matic: New Noises 60 (Rolling Stone Germany 2003)
Centro-matic: Sounds-Now! (Musikexpress 2003)
Centro-matic: Already Gone – A Compilation of Texas Bands (2004)
Will Johnson: Songs For Another Place (Awful Bliss 2005)
South San Gabriel: Gimme Danger (Uncut Magazine 2005)
Will Johnson: Almost There Compilation (Almost There 2005)
Will Johnson: Across The Great Divide: Music Inspired By The Band (Uncut Magazine 2005)
South San Gabriel: Comes With A Smile 14 (2005)
Centro-matic: Live At Austin City Limits Music Festival (2006)
Will Johnson: Live at KDHX Vol. 4 (2006)
Centro-matic: Do It Again: A Tribute To Pet Sounds (Houston Party 2006)
Centro-matic: Great (Misra/Absolutely Kosher 2008)
Centro-matic: A Splash Of Sunshine Vol. 2 (679 Recordings 2008)
Will Johnson: Are You Still With Me? A Tribute To Huey Lewis And The News (2008)
Will Johnson: Of Great And Mortal Men – 43 Songs For 43 Presidents (Standard Recording Company 2009)

# # #