Will Johnson and Britton Beisenherz collaborated on a song for this new compilation of Jason Molina songs.

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      After about nine hours of driving I pulled into Roswell and stopped at the Circle K on North Main Street to get some beer. The first person I spoke with was a lanky, young guy in a black satin jacket and a dirty Miami Dolphins cap.  He had what looked like traction encasing the entirety of his right arm. I almost bumped into him at the cooler, and we wound up talking at the register. He told me he’d been stabbed in the chest and in the arm, had just been released from the hospital, and was finally regaining some movement in his wrist. He continued his story to the clerk, who he seemed to know, and I stood at the door and wished him well with his recovery. He turned and flatly said: “I’m really happy to be alive. I’m just happy to be living this life.”

      I couldn’t know what led him to this condition, or this chapter.  I’ll never know if I was talking to the bad guy, the good guy, or just the wrong place, wrong time guy. But as he talked, and as his eyes and smile lines expressed hope for healing and betterment, I realized, after the most difficult and surreal stretch of my own life, that it felt great to be back out in the world again. As rough as things looked for this guy, there was a centeredness about him, his other arm waving about as he excavated the air in the room for a shred of positivity. Keeping on.

      There’s a comfort in the driving, the interacting, in making time for a walk to go watch a sunset, in playing some shows again. In smelling the supper of the contract workers cooking on the grill just outside my hotel room door tonight, and finding some trails to run just after sunrise tomorrow.

      It feels good to be back in the American West. It feels good to see signs of Spring.

      Maybe see you at the show.

      -Will J. / April 2014

      # # #

      WED APRIL 2 : Albuquerque, NM - SOLD OUT
      THU APRIL 3 : Phoenix, AZ
      FRI APRIL 4 : Las Vegas NV
      SAT APRIL 5 : Los Angeles CA (Altadena)
      SUN APRIL 6 :  San Francisco – SOLD OUT
      MON APRIL 7 : Petaluma CA
      TUE APRIL 8 : Sacramento CA
      WED APRIL 9 : Reno NV – SOLD OUT
      FRI APRIL 11 : Eugene OR
      SAT APRIL 12 : Portland OR – SOLD OUT
      SUN APRIL 13 : Seattle WA – SOLD OUT
      MON APRIL 14 : Boise ID
      WED APRIL 16 : Cheyenne WY
      THU APRIL 17 : Ft Collins CO – SOLD OUT
      FRI APRIL 18 :  Denver CO
      SAT APRIL 19 : Crested Butte CO

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        Will is headed out west for a Living Room Tour in April. Each show is limited to 35-45 tickets. No stage, no sound system… It’s just Will and a guitar.

        Tickets on sale now.
        BUY HERE

        WED APRIL 2 : Albuquerque, NM – SOLD OUT
        THU APRIL 3 : Phoenix, AZ
        FRI APRIL 4 : Las Vegas NV
        SAT APRIL 5 : Los Angeles CA (Altadena)
        SUN APRIL 6 :  San Francisco - SOLD OUT
        MON APRIL 7 : Petaluma CA
        TUE APRIL 8 : Sacramento CA
        WED APRIL 9 : Reno NV
        FRI APRIL 11 : Eugene OR
        SAT APRIL 12 : Portland OR - SOLD OUT
        SUN APRIL 13 : Seattle WA - SOLD OUT
        MON APRIL 14 : Boise ID
        WED APRIL 16 : Cheyenne WY
        THU APRIL 17 : Ft Collins CO - SOLD OUT
        FRI APRIL 18 :  Denver CO
        SAT APRIL 19 : Crested Butte CO


          Hi friends,
          This is Bob, Will’s manager. I’m sorry to report that we have to cancel Will’s upcoming living room shows in Athens, Huntsville, North Little Rock and Ft. Worth due to a family emergency. He’s on his way home now. It’s not a decision we take lightly. I believe this is the first time Will has cancelled shows. We’re working on contacting every ticket holder directly by email and phone and will be sending refunds in the next few hours. Sorry for any hassles. We’ll try to reschedule the shows as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding.

            Will is headed out on a Living Room Tour in February. Each show is limited to 35-45 tickets each. No stage, no sound system… It’s just Will and a guitar.

            Tue Feb 11 : San Antonio TX
            Wed Feb 12 : Houston TX
            Thu Feb 13 : Mobile AL @ Satori Coffee House *
            Fri Feb 14 : Waverly AL
            Sat Feb 15 : Birmingham AL
            Sun Feb 16 : Atlanta GA
            Mon Feb 17 : Macon GA
            Tue Feb 18 : Athens GA
            Wed Feb 19 : Huntsville AL
            Fri Feb 21 : North Little Rock AR
            Sat Feb 22 : Ft Worth TX

            BUY TICKETS HERE

            * Tickets for the Mobile AL show at Satori Coffee House will be available at the door on the night of the show. Tickets for all other Living Room Shows are only available from Undertow and must be purchased in advance.

              “Glacial Slurs”. Shot in Chicago, IL on Nov. 13, 2013 by Boomer Galassi. Sound by Eric Gebow.

                Some folks are writhing in a thick fog of World Series tension, familiar excess, ongoing superstition, gradual wrinkling, unexpected twitches, lil’ sputters, regional quivers, localized belches, maybe endorsed calls/cries for help, obvious confusion, occasional enchantment, mild to total delight, definite surprise, hourly sweating, cold disappointment, understood inventive dancing, (mostly) harmless celebratory air punches, nauseating forecasting, predictable second guessing, and probably some hidden furniture kicks. And then some don’t care. It’ll all be over soon. Anyway, starting Saturday I’m gonna stumble into 18 solo shows in 19 days. This Fall run will roam the Midwest, East, Northeast, then back Midwest again, taking place again in alternate spaces like living rooms, old barns, art galleries, and a couple of venues. There will be weather, traffic, construction, ghosts of construction, tributes to construction, more memorable conversations with strangers, drifters, clerks, Flying-J gypsies, and some non-plussing sandwich and shit-all-they-got-is-Lavazza? situations. I feel like that’s all gonna wind up true.

                I plan to show up, steal some paint color or home improvement ideas, put about two beers in the fridge, take one to my chair, then play some old and new songs on a 1960′s Kay acoustic guitar. Most of these shows will take place on the neutral and cared-for turf of a generous host’s home, without a PA system, amplification, lighting rig, or separation/back stage situation. We’re all on private property, and while respect should always be the thing, it’s even more of a thing when kids are around and someone’s pride and joy of a home is the mothership. Touring like this is meant to peel things back, encourage communication amongst all of us, and stick to the business of the songs. As always, I’m really looking forward to the ride.

                I’ll have the latest round of baseball art prints, a special limited edition Mark Brabant-signed and designed tour poster, and some vinyl and various cd’s in tow.

                - Will J.

                Tickets are on sale via

                11/02 : Springfield MO – Living Room Show
                11/03 : St. Louis MO – Off Broadway (w/ Okkervil River)
                11/04 : Nashville TN – Living Room Show
                11/06 : Baltimore MD – Living Room Show
                11/07 : Philadelphia PA – Living Room Show
                11/08 : Queens NY – Living Room Show
                11/10 : New Paltz NY – Tin Roof Sessions
                11/11 : Buffalo NY – Living Room Show
                11/12 : Goshen IN – Ignition Music Garage
                11/13 : Chicago IL – LIving Room Show
                11/14 : Chicago IL – LIving Room Show
                11/15 : Milwaukee WI – Living Room Show
                11/16 : Madison WI – Living Room Show
                11/17 : Minneapolis MN – Living Room Show
                11/18 : Sioux Falls SD – Living Room Show
                11/19 : Charles City IA – Charles City Arts Center
                11/20 : Kansas City MO – Living Room Show

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                  Fuel/Friends Chapel Session

                  October 8, 2013

                  Will stopped by Fuel/Friends to record a Chapel Session during his spring Living Room Tour. They just posted the session that includes videos (and free audio downloads!) of You Will Be Here, Mine, Little Raider, I, The Kite and a Going Back Song (Baptist Generals cover).

                  Check out the videos and download the audio HERE.

                    OVERSEAS: West Coast Shows

                    September 27, 2013


                    Overseas is David Bazan + Will Johnson + Matt Kadane + Bubba Kadane.

                    We’re doing a few shows on the west coast in October.

                    Oct 11 : Seattle – Neumos / TICKETS **
                    Oct 12 : Portland OR – Doug Fir Lounge / TICKETS **
                    Oct 14 : San Francisco CA – Bottom of The Hill / TICKETS *
                    Oct 15 : San Luis Obispo CA - SLO Brewing Co / TICKETS *
                    Oct 16 : Los Angeles CA – Satellite / TICKETS *

                    ** with Radar Brothers + Chris Brokaw
                    * with Radar Brothers

                    Please come out and say hello!

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