“Swan City Vampires is a masterpiece of folk, Americana, and punk rock.”

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Will Johnson “Call, Call, Call”
From the LP Swan City Vampires, available via Undertow.
Shot by Edmund LeStrange and Jessie Johnson.
Edited by Boomer Galassi


New Album + USA Tour Dates!

August 27, 2015

“Swan City Vampires” will be released worldwide on September 25. You can pre-order it now and download the entire album instantly.



1. Paradise, Basically
2. You vs. Off The Cuff
3. Nameless, But A Lover
4. Call, Call, Call
5. (Made Us Feel Like) Kings
6. Pulleys
7. It’s a Pretty Fucked Skyline
8. Mulnomah
9. Thug Life Pt. 2
10. The Watchman
11. Chalked Lines/Waxed Sun

“Swan City Vampires, the new solo album from former Centro-matic frontman Will Johnson finds him in peak form. At times as beautiful and melodious as he’s ever been, at others with a primal immediacy beyond anything I’ve ever heard him do. Raw and urgent, this album is a thing of immense beauty that only gets better with each repeated listen. This could end up being my favorite album he’s ever made.” – Patterson Hood (Drive-By Truckers)

“Swan City Vampires is another fantastic release from Will Johnson. It’s melancholy, hazy but hopeful. It’s tuneful, complex, and beautiful. At times it seems to me like a fever dream, but with sudden stunning moments of clarity. I’ve been listening to it a lot in the early mornings, but I think it’s also a dusk record, as it’s shadows reveal new things each time. Scary like a vampire, pretty like a swan, buzzing like a city. Will again delights and surprises.” – Craig Finn (The Hold Steady)

“Will Johnson is one of my favorite songwriters on Earth, and this album is as literate and addictive as any of his previous work. These songs are honest and specific while remaining open to multiple layers of interpretation. The melodies are beautiful and memorable, and Will’s voice is a complex and delicate instrument. As a long-time fan, it makes me happy to know that Will is still challenging himself to make music that truly can be called art.” – Jason Isbell

Will is gearing for a very busy fall with a ton of tour dates. Tickets for the first leg of the Living Room Tour on sale now.


9/25 : Austin TX – Waterloo Records – FREE!
9/26 : Denton TX – Oaktopia Fest –  TICKETS
9/28 : Colorado Springs CO – Living Room Show
9/29 : Denver CO – Living Room Show
9/30 : Cheyenne WY – Living Room Show
10/1 : Fort Collins, CO – Living Room Show
10/3 : Boise ID – Living Room Show
10/4 : Seattle WA – Living Room Show
10/5 : Portland OR – Living Room Show
10/6 : Eugene OR – Living Room Show
10/7 : Reno NV – Living Room Show
10/8 : Sacramento CA – Living Room Show
10/9 : San Francisco CA – Living Room Show
10/10 : Petaluma CA – Living Room Show
10/11 : Los Angeles CA – Living Room Show
10/13 : Las Vegas NV – Living Room Show
10/15 : Phoenix AZ – Living Room Show
10/16 : Albuquerque NM – Living Room Show
10/18 : Austin TX – Living Room Show

We’ll see you out there!

OT 2nd announcement square post

Super excited to be part of Oaktopia Fest in Denton TX.
Tickets on sale now at:

2-Day Pass
$50 – 500 Available.

3-Day Pass
$57 500 Available
$65 4,500 Available
$75 Day-Of

VIP 3-Day Pass
$99 – 50 Available
$111 – 100 Available



We’re pleased to announced the release of Will Johnson’s first two solo albums “Murder of Tides” and “Vultures Await” for the first time on vinyl.

Our goal was to create the best sounding albums possible for these reissues. The running time for Murder of Tides was short enough to comfortably fit on two sides of a single LP while maintaining the highest possible sound quality. The running time of Vultures Await was just at the limit of being able to fit on two sides of a single LP. Instead of trying to squeeze the entire album on a single and compromising the fidelity, we decided to spread the album out over four sides to create an a fantastic sounding double LP set.

The audio has been remastered for vinyl by TW Walsh and the artwork has been reformatted from the original hi-resoulution elements for the new album jackets. New full-color LP labels have been created for these reissues.

+ Murder of Tides: Single LP in full-color single album jacket.
+ Vultures Await: Double LP in full-color gatefold album jacket.
+ Album jackets printed on high quality uncoated paper.
+ 150g high-quality virgin black vinyl.
+ Re-mastered for vinyl by TW Walsh.
+ Pressed by Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland OH.
+ Vinyl pre-orders get instant full-album WAV and MP3 downloads.







“Chalked Lines/Stolen Signs”
Opening Reception
Saturday, April 25
7 – 9 pm

Yard Dog Art Gallery
1510 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704
PH: 512-912-1613

New video for “Scorpion” filmed for Under the Arcade live music series Chicago.


March 30, 2015


It’s not yet April 1 and there’s already a sweet surplus of farmer tans roaming the neighborhood. It’s a noticeably early crop this year. There’s a kid with a thousand-yard stare that I see every once in a while out on the sidewalks. He’s never without a cigarette and a 44oz cup of something. Some have talked like he might be trouble, but then again, he might not be. Safe to say we both got to the farmer tan trough fast, and I feel really good about mine. Long winter by most everyone’s standards, so the energy is understandably steady. The new noises and smells and insects are a welcome ruckus. Even you, wasp.

I’ve been in some comforting bunker of a recording thing with my friends John Congleton and Ricky Ray Jackson (Phosphorescent, The Happen-Ins) recently, and the next LP sits about half way complete. I’ll head out on the road in a few days for some shows, breaking the new songs in and ironing the old ones out over the course of thirteen shows. This will be the only tour until Fall, once the record comes out, so stop down if you’re around these areas:

April 02 : Saint Louis MO
April 03 : Chicago IL
April 04 : Cincinnati OH
April 05 : Columbus OH
April 06 : Pittsburgh PA
April 07 : Buffalo NY
April 08 : Montpelier VT
April 09 : Gloucester MA (near Boston)
April 10 : Weehawken NJ (near NYC)
April 11 : Media PA (near Philadelphia)
April 13 : Falls Church VA (Near DC)
April 14 : Baltimore MD


I have a lot of of new baseball paintings stacked and ready for an opening at Yard Dog Gallery in Austin on Saturday evening, April 25. I suspect there will be more info as the time nears, but save the date if you look to be in or around Central Texas then.
Onward, and good springtime to all. -Will J.

Living Room Tour: April 2015

February 27, 2015

Will is headed out to play Living Room Shows in April. No stage, no sound system. Each show limited to 35-45 tickets. All tickets must be purchased in advance. You’ll get a link to download a PDF with the secret location of the show and your name will be on the guest list at the door. Tickets go on sale Friday, February 27 @ 2pm (central time)


April 02 : Saint Louis MO
April 03 : Chicago IL
April 04 : Cincinnati OH
April 05 : Columbus OH
April 06 : Pittsburgh PA
April 07 : Buffalo NY
April 08 : Montpelier VT
April 09 : Gloucester MA (near Boston)
April 10 : Weehawken NJ (near NYC)
April 11 : Media PA (near Philadelphia)
April 13 : Falls Church VA (Near DC)
April 14 : Baltimore MD

After the show last night I discovered that some of the Little Raider EP sleeves (with no CD enclosed) infiltrated my show stock. I often hand-assemble these things before or while I’m on tour. I also use the honor system for merch sales at the shows, so I don’t always know or see which item folks are buying. While the back stock and show stock usually ride separate from one another, I guess they recently decided they wanted to party together. I try to keep the ship organized, but can’t always know what happens back there as a tour gets late. Regional meats can mix with laundry, which can mix with antiques, care packages, bones, running gear, cheese kringles, stereo equipment, found art, or phasers.

I feel like this affected few people, if any. I caught it early in the post-show sales last night here in St. Petersburg, and I’m pretty sure the mixup happened pre-show while replenishing the show stock. I remember working fast, and feel like that’s probably when I messed up. So if you recently bought one of these Little Raider sleeves and found no CD included, drop a line to Bob at Undertow. He’ll let me know, and we’ll set you straight on it.

Thanks for coming out to these shows. Was a really fun southern swing.
–Will J.